More Costumes!

Dorothy of OzJune 26, 2009 - In L. Frank Baum's novel "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," Dorothy was given a clean dress to wear in the Emerald City. This costume change has never been done in any film adaptation of the story.  Designed by Sean Gates from illustrations by W.W. Denslow and Anton Loeb, the dress was sewn by Barbara Miller.

It features a dark emerald green under-skirt with a pleated lace overlay, lace blouse and tailored cotton vest with six tails trimmed in silver ribbon and one-inch jingle bells.  Mariellen Kemp's hair is worn in a French Braid with ribbon and bells. 

This is Dorothy's hero dress, which she wears in the second act of thefilm. The green underlay represents the Emerald City while the white is the color of a good witch, together signifying the mission the Wizard has sent her on to destroy the Wicked Witch of the West. 


Something"I felt it was important to show her emerging as a hero in the Land of Oz, so the hairstyle and the dress itself should be both more fantastical and a bit more grown-up than the gingham prairie dress.  It was also important to me that the dress should feel rich, or to use Barbara's word, opulent.

"In the beginning, Dorothy wore blue and white, tying her to the Munchkins and suggesting her role as a force for good in Oz.  It was important to us to feature the green and white bell dress in the second act."