Pickups, Round One

September 24, 2009 - Recently, director Clayton Spinney returned to Virginia from his home in Maine for a brief round of pickups with Mariellen Kemp as Dorothy Gale and Steven Lowry performing the Scarecrow.  In the process of editing footage together, an editor or director will commonly discover where small shots or additional angles of footage are needed that were not originally anticipated during principal photography. 

Dorothy and Scarecrow

Dorothy and Scarecrow say farewell.

While the production picked up shots for various scenes throughout the film, the primary focus of this round was on the concept scene, which will also serve as the first trailer for the film.  In addition to pickups, the crew took a drive out to a wildlife preserve and re-recorded dialogue for the scene, making use of the acoustics of the forest to create a natural sound for scene. 

The crew also took advantage of Spinney’s visit to do pickups on Scarecrow.  There wasn’t enough time before the summer shoot to fully work out the kinks with the Scarecrow puppet, so while it was suitable for close-ups and mid-range shots, more time was needed to realize the walking function.   

Steve and Scarecrow

Scarecrow catches a breather while wearing a Steven Lowry rig on his back.

Scarecrow voice actor Steven Lowry also serves as the lead puppeteer for the character, so he was strapped into the walking rig for the wide shots on Scarecrow, giving him the opportunity to fully flesh out his performance of the character.