Introducing Special Effects Makeup Artist Norman Rowe

December 7 , 2009 - It is our pleasure to introduce the newest member of the crew on Oz, Norman Rowe.

The success of any fantasy film hinges on the richness of the world that the filmmakers create for it.  From the beginning the production has pushed to achieve that in spite of the challenges faced by an independent picture. Talented people are everywhere, and it's not where you live but who you know and sometimes, where you look.

Writer-Producer Sean Gates was standing in the kitchen talking with his oldest friend in the world, Darek McGee.  McGee mentioned having been drafted by Norman Rowe to play the monster in an independent horror film about a folk legend from the Northern Neck of Virginia, "Wild Sally." Gates asked McGee if he thought Rowe would be interested in working on Oz. A few phone calls and one lunch meeting later, Rowe had the job. For "Oz," one of Norm's jobs will be transforming Marie Rizza into the Wicked Witch of the West. 

With the addition of this very talented man to its roster, the production can move forward knowing that the world it is creating has just become richer and more complete.

Update! Norm's profile can now be found on the Crew page by clicking the Crew button to the left.