Director's Blog Now Open

June 23rd, 2011 - As you know, a while back we opened our discussion forums. Not many people have chosen to post in them, and Clayton began to feel that his Director's Journal was only being read by one or two people, which hardly made it worth the effort it takes to put one of those together.

Recently he decided the thing to do was to move it to a blog, on the theory that the casual internet user probably finds forums somewhat intimidating. So he'll be updating his blog as he sees fit, and we'll tease them here on the main site for those of you who come here looking for updates.

Both of you.

Video Killed the CGI Star

Time to brush the dust off my keyboard. And my tongue. My poet's tongue. Time to brush the dust off my keyboard and my poet's tongue. Or, perhaps more succinctly, time for a new director journal entry. After an absolute dearth of updates, I guess it's probably time to climb back into the saddle.

For a start, the more observant among you may notice that you're reading the director journal... On a different website. It was my thought that a blog would be a little friendlier to the casual internet-goer, and writing anything at length on a Yuku message board makes one crave the icy embrace of death. Just so that the pain might end.

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