Blog Entry: The Cabinet of Dr. Quelala

July 14th, 2011 - Clayton's posted a few new blog updates. I haven't kept up with posting them all here as I've been busy alternating between earning money and spending money. And occasionally driving somewhere far away. Or, on at least one occasion, riding along with Claytong while HE drove us somewhere far away. So let's play catch up. The latest entry:

The Cabinet of Dr. Quelala

Seems to be a rule with this project that even things that ought to be simple are stupidly difficult. If you'd like an example of something like that, you're in luck. I wrote that first sentence JUST so I could talk about something that ought to have been simple but has turned out to be stupidly difficult. That's a writer's technique, is what that is.

After our heroes thwart the Witch's raiding party of rabid wolves, she decides it's time to burn through her last monkey summoning. And to summon a monkey (a winged one, at least) requires a magic cap. The magic cap we already have. Been in our possession for two years, actually...

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