New Blog Feature

July 25th, 2011 - Some of you may be behind on the news as there haven't been many updates directly to the main site lately, so let's play catch-up again.

Clayton has added a new feature to the blog: now there will be daily updates. On days when there is no regular journal entry, he is posting something called the "Raw Frame of the Day," which is a still from our on-set photography, sans special effects of any kind. You see what the camera saw.

He's taking requests for this feature, so if there's a part of the movie you want a raw glimpse of, you need only ask, either by posting on the Facebook or in the comments section on the Blog.

In addition, Clayton has continued to blog on our progress. Here's a snippet of the most recent, click through to read the full entry, and to catch up on any other recent entries you might have missed.


Well, that was painless. We filmed Glinda's guards this morning, and it was totally hitchless. Went without a hitch. We were a little nervous, to be perfectly honest. Madeline Lovegrove, who plays the lead guard in Glinda's palace and also voices the stork, had come in to audition in summer 2009. We'd met her for ten minutes then, and had not seen her since...

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