The Curse of the Wicked Witch

July 31st, 2011 - Clayton and I have just returned from a long day of shooting. I say long but it went quickly, at least for me. I spent the day in a small garage with a very uncomfortable actress, a hypercaffeinated director, and a very distraught makeup artist. On this movie we spend a lot of time doing things but don't always get things entirely done. Today was a day like that. Norm's makeup for the WWW is somewhat experimental, and experimentation by default takes a person into the unknown, so it's led to some surprises. Add to that the fact that neither Clayton nor I have any experience in working with this kind of makeup. Things just take longer than we expect. The setup alone is four hours. The tradeoff is in how amazing the makeup looks on-camera.

Anyway, we had a day of significant progress, and Clayton has blogged:

Go Behind Your Back

Another weekend, another Witch shoot. And another set of problems. While today was our most productive day of Witch photography so far, it was still not everything we were aiming for. I feel like we prepared ourselves to combat everything that we'd come up against in our other two days in make-up, but it seemed to make little difference.

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