Major Director's Blog Updates!

November 2nd, 2011 - Now that the Wicked Witch of the West has made her grand entrance, Clayton's free to blog about the process of bringing her to the screen. With that in mind he's written two long, in-depth blog entries about that process. The first, a general overview of the process, complete with pictures, was posted on Halloween:

Where The Lines Overlap

I'm assuming that the kind of people who read this blog are already aware of our Halloween shenanigans. If not, please click here to head over to Youtube and watch the clip before reading ahead. Because I'm going to spoil every aspect of it. And while you're checking stuff out, head on over to the Witchified version of the website. Sean and I put a lot of work into that.

So there haven't been many blog entries lately. The majority of my Oz time has been spent working on all this Witch nonsense, and Sean and I wanted to keep this all under wraps until it happened. Which meant I was left unable to talk about the majority of what I was doing. But you're all in the loop now, so I can just go nuts. You're about to embark on the first in a two part adventure that will shake your worldview. Or like, a really little portion of your worldview. The small bit of your worldview that you devote to our film.

The second, a detailed breakdown of the visual effects process, was posted on November 1st, and includes not only pictures but some short, exclusive video clips as well.

Misery Business

We had footage of Dorothy and the Wicked Witch in the can. I say in the can, but... y'know... digitial. In the card doesn't sound as cool, though. They had been filmed anyway, is the point. I say filmed, but... y'know... digital. The scene was then firmly in the post-production phase. Time for editing and effects.

I'd already edited this scene twice at this point. Once when I edited the Dorothy footage, and once when getting it ready to present at Banner Elk. I'll be uploading both versions to Youtube sometime in the near future. The Banner Elk version was pretty much a disaster. I'd wanted a reveal for the Witch, I wanted the scene to build up all this tension, and then boom, there she is. I actually had the idea for her stepping into the light while editing for Banner Elk. But I was forced to compromise, because we'd had such trouble with the Witch mask up to that point.

You can read them by clicking the links above, or by clicking the Director's...uh..."Dunderhead's Blog" link in the menu above. Freakin' Witch...

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