Director's Blog Updated!

December 12th, 2011 - Clayton has written the first new Journal Entry in some time, complete with some new images and a bit of advice for all our fellow filmmakers out there.

Story Bored?

I'm going to take a moment to get serious. I usually try to save my furrowed brow for when I'm pointing a camera at something, but since that doesn't happen much around the holidays, I think I can safely expend a little now.

First... I'd like to apologize for all the nothing we've been showing you, in contrast to what we said was coming. I was excited by the thought of showing you guys a little daily behind the scenes, but the deck was stacked against it. It seemed that we were starting to show too much of what makes our film unique, blowing our cinematic load. And it seemed that the interest level in this material was ever-diminishing. Plus it's just a lot of extra damned work. I will make an effort to journal more frequently than this, but last month wasn't great for that kind of thing.

Stay tuned for more new content in the coming weeks.

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