Summer Filming: The Revenge

by Sean Gates

June 25th, 2012 - In case you haven't been following Clayton's blog, here's the latest: summer is upon us again and Clayton has made the trek from Maine to Virginia so that we can resume filming. Our plan for the summer is to finish filming all the live-action elements, which is a tall order, but an important one as it will give us the ability to move entirely into post-production and begin building the final film.

To that end, we spent last week scouting locations and gathering materials, most notably building a new, more streamlined puppeteering rig for Steven Lowry to wear as Scarecrow, and this week we're filming with him. The plan is to wrap Scarecrow entirely by the end of the week. Soon you'll start seeing images of Wiley in action as Toto, and as we move forward there will be Munchkins, Winkies, and Emerald City folk, just as fast as our new costumers, Kitty Taylor and Diane Lay, can make the clothes for them.

To keep tabs on our progress, be sure to follow Clayton's antics on the Director's Journal by clicking the link in the banner above, referring from our Facebook page, or simply by bookmarking it here.

She'll make point five, past our forums.