Rhythm and Blues

by Sean Gates

Well well well...it's been a while since I had any substantive news to post about, but as you probably noticed, our Kickstarter campaign was a success back on September 21st. That organization puts the money in a holding pattern for two weeks after the end of the campaign, and then there's the wait for the transfer to the bank account, so we only recently got in a position to start putting the money to work for us.

While we've been ordering up costumes and props like mad -- and there's more to go -- we did, today, get to do our very first location shoot for the movie: INT. BOQ'S HOUSE, MORNING as the script would have it. We had Wiley back as Toto, and cast members Wesley, Crystal, and Emily Edge as Boq and family. This was filmed in a real 19th century house which is fully furnished with appropriate pieces. It was thrilling to finally be able on this movie to just light a space, fill it with people, and film the heck out of it. We're not used to that.

The results speak for themselves, though. For a detailed rundown of what we got up to today, bop on over to Clayton's blog for his usual droll account, and a handful of brand-new pictures.

Also, we added a new picture to our gallery. There have been other "silent" gallery updates lately that you may have missed as well.

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