Barnyard Studios and Used Productions Partner with Fantastic Films International, LLC

by Sean Gates

Well, bet you didn't see THIS one coming. We've been sitting on this announcement for a's business, with a legitimate company, and that means contracts and rules. But here it is, the time has come. We can talk about it. Late in February we were approached by Roxane Barbat and Fred deWysocki of Fantastic Films International. They wanted to help us by lining up distribution for our little film. Yeah, actual distribution. It's like that. Naturally we did what any first-time filmmakers would do in our situation: we lost our minds. Then we did a bunch of stuff to make sure these people from out of the blue were for real, and they absolutely are. So a couple weeks ago we signed a sales agreement.

We actually probably owe Sam Raimi and the Disney company a thank-you here, because their recent success proved that there's a strong market for films with Oz in the title, and that no doubt helped Fred and Roxane, being the savvy folks that they are, to see the potential in our film. So what, you ask, are the benefits to you?

Well, they are several. The first is that this means greater resources for us, and an expectation that the film will be completed sooner rather than later. The second is distribution, so the film will be easier for you to see when it's released. Thirdly, you don't have to look at our old videos anymore. The fourth one is, there's an all-new trailer coming in the near future. I've seen a cut of it, it's lovely, it has lots of stuff in it that we've never released in any format whatsoever, and it's all finished shots. So sit tight. You've stuck with us this far. The best is yet to come.

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