Welcome to the all-new official website of "L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," an independent film from Barnyard Studios and Used Productions.

Directed by Clayton Spinney from a script by Sean Gates, and starring Mariellen Kemp as Dorothy Gale, the film is set for release in 2012.

So take your time, browse around, and enjoy the site.

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Used Productions

It really isn't.

This is not a musical.

This is not a remake or a re-imagining.

And this is not Oz as you've ever seen it before.

The year is 1899. Dorothy Gale is ten years old, living in a one-room cabin she shares with her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em, a dusty, threadbare existence in the flat and windswept fields of Kansas.  A violent storm carries her off to the undiscovered country of Oz, an island full of short, rugged people who live under the watchful eyes of sorcerers. 

The Good Witch of the North lacks the power to send Dorothy home, so the girl sets off for the City of Emeralds in the hope that the mysterious wizard who lives there can help her.  But the Wizard of Oz has a secret to protect, and to do so he will send Dorothy and her friends to kill the Witch of the West, or die trying.

The Notruby Notslippers