"Fingers" Spinney

Clayton has had a long interest in filmmaking and animation, and has produced several short films, mostly under the label of "Barnyard Studios."  A lifelong fan of Oz, he has wanted to make his own version for years.  Spinney and Gates met on an internet message board.  The subject of Oz came up, Spinney read the script, and the two began making plans to put the film together their way.  Spinney has a strong vision and a creative mind, and his laid-back, informal style gave him an instant rapport with fellow producer Steven Lowry and star Mariellen Kemp.  Clayton lives in Jefferson, Maine. 



The first book Sean can remember reading on his own is an abridged version of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz."  He majored in Fine Arts at Longwood University in his home state of Virginia, and is the author of several books and screenplays.  Gates created the name "Used Productions" as a label for his graphic design projects while at Longwood, and has kept the name as an umbrella for most of his creative pursuits.  He wrote the Oz script on a whim, not wanting to try and sell it in Hollywood. Quiet and reserved by nature, Gates credits Clayton Spinney with convincing him to pursue the project, and together they have begun assembling their team and promoting the film. 


Steven Lowry has known Sean Gates for over twenty years.  When he heard about the work Spinney and Gates were doing on Oz, Steve volunteered his services as a PA for the summer 2009 shooting session, helping with setups, builds, and anything else the team needed an extra set of hands to do.  With his generous donations of time and money, his quick sense of humor and a willingness to do anything that was needed, Lowry quickly became an indispensable part of the team, and was made a producer in his own right.  When the production was having difficulty finding a suitable Scarecrow actor among the many who auditioned, Steve asked if he could try out and proved to be exactly what the team was looking for all along.


Drew More

Drew More is a thirty-six year old father of two small girls. He has been married twelve years and is an engineer by trade. Recent creative contributions include work on fan-and independent films, such as compositing for the British "The Hunt for Gollum" (2009) and Australian "Star Wars Knighthood" (currently in post-production), producing entries into various TV commercial contests, and several personal projects involving digital filmmaking and effects. Drew came to know the 1939 film through the annual television presentations which would always be an event among the family. He later discovered the original Baum texts and was captivated by the scope and bulk of the Oz universe. He is really excited to see how near he and the rest of the team can get to producing the imaginative visions L. Frank Baum described.


The first time Norman Rowe saw an issue of Fangoria Magazine he was twelve years old, and he knew right away what he wanted to do with his life. He studied his craft at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.   A Virginia native, he returned to his home state for personal reasons and settled into a career as a dental technician.  He landed the job using a zombie puppet he had built from a cast of his own head.  Norm has worked on several independent horror films, including "Flesh-Eating Potheads" 1 and 2, and the upcoming "Wild Sally."  He lives in Virginia with his wife and daughters.


  Visual Effects: Drew More, Clayton Spinney

Scarecrow Puppeteers: 

Lead Puppeteer: Steven Lowry

Assistant Puppeteers: Sean Gates, Mariellen Kemp, Darek McGee, Moira Riser

  Costume Designers: Sean Gates, Barbara Miller
  Costumers: Kitty Taylor, Diane Lay, Barbara Miller
  Additional Costumes: Gayle Evans-Ivy, Marina Cherry
  Script Supervisor: Amy Kemp

Grips: Jeremy Bertz, Sebastian Selinski